World’s Fastest COVID-19
Detection Product

DSA BreathPass™ is a handheld device invented for the use

by healthcare professionals and intended for non-intrusive, 

rapid screening of large numbers of people to provide

presumptive negative results of COVID-19 infection.

What is DSA BreathPass™ ?

The DSA BreathPass™ device uses a non-invasive method for detection of COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The device works by a person exhaling once into the device, which then measures the exhaled air for 45 seconds, characterizes the VOCs within breath samples, creates predictions for various health issues using Deep Computing algorithms, and produces results in a matter of seconds.

The DSA BreathPass™ is a fast, easy, and affordable testing method for detecting COVID-19 infection that can be done anywhere with a reliable connection to the internet.

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Key Features

Connected to AI

IoT device with built-in WLAN and mobile support

EU wide medical CE certified
Simple & Effective

This technology is easy and effective for medical use

Screens for COVID- 19
Detects COVID-19 infection in both asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people

Able to detect COVID faster than the other approaches with results in less than a minute


The device measures exhaled breath rather than using uncomfortable nasal swabs

The Technology

Inside the device there is an array of nano-sensors to detect molecules of biological origin, known as volatile organic compounds (VOC), as signs of infection stemming from the biomarkers known to be produced by the metabolic processes caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Patients blow into a sampling tube connected to the DSA Analyzer; the exhaled breath is subsequently sampled by the breath analyzer. The analyzer creates a fingerprint-like “breathprint” – of the tested individual based on the VOC composition of the exhaled breath gas.

 The sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to a secured database at a server. Data analysis is based on Deep Computing algorithms developed by DSA. The handheld Analyzer uses a local data network to communicate with the cloud-based algorithm.

 The readings of the nanosensors are communicated to the algorithm that provides the diagnosis based on the recognition of the target VOC profiles.

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Find Out More About DSA BreathPass™

The human body emits hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the components of VOCs usually reflect an individual's metabolic state. As a result, a change in body odor is common after getting an infectious or metabolic condition. VOCs produced from breath, blood, skin, and urine may now be analyzed quickly thanks to recent advances in analytical techniques. Infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, genetic disorders, and other diseases can all benefit from disease-specific VOCs as diagnostic olfactory biomarkers. Over 1,000 VOCs have been detected in studies, and they, along with respiratory droplets, constitute a rich source of information about overall health and have significant promise as disease beginning and progression indicators.

A non-invasive approach to identifying the corona virus-carrying individuals is based on the analysis of exhaled volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biomarkers created by human metabolism while under sickness. In adults, several studies have independently shown that VOC can differentiate between patients with asthma, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and healthy controls. Understanding the relation of various VOC gases with their associated sicknesses creates an opportunity to recognize sickness from the exhaled breath print of VOC gases. DSA has developed an Analyzer that is based on a unique combination of nanosensors that are guided to recognize and measure several selected biomarkers. As different sicknesses relate to different sets of VOC biomarkers, we have the ability to re-regulate our set of nanosensors based on which sickness profile is under review. The same set of nanosensors used for COVID-19 recognition can be used for example for the detection of pneumonia or multiple types of cancer.

The BreathPass™ device is indeed the fastest COVID detection device on the market. No other test, except the BreathPass™, can detect COVID infection after just a few hours. This device checks for Covid in about 2 minutes, while other tests can take up to 15 minutes. This enables quicker testing and screening without the 5-day wait. As a result of the quicker testing, people may get back to their daily lives right away.