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Interested in having some of our BreathPass™ devices for your upcoming event? We offer packages for events, parties, and other occasions, inclusive of the devices along with our very own trained technicians.
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Why BreathPass™ for Mobile COVID - 19 Testing?

Reduce Risk

With BreathPass, events and parties can now be COVID-free as the devices allow for fast screening of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic persons. The device generates a COVID-free environment, which reduces anxiety and creates a safe environment.

Fast & Efficient

Testing with the breathpass is quick and efficient in testing persons for COVID, the test requires only 2 minutes to trace infection, unlike other tests which can take 15 minutes to days. With the other tests, only 4 persons are tested every hour meanwhile with breathpass 20 persons can be tested every hour thus no more long waiting on results!


BreathPass tests are much more cost-efficient than the other test in the field allowing for cheaper screening for COVID-19.



Each test done with the BreathPass device costs BBD $20.00 which takes no more than two minutes to obtain the results.

Events & Parties

For BBD $100.00, we provide a trained technician who arrives fully prepared with one BreathPass gadget for events and parties.

Discounted Prices

Are you planning a large gathering? We provide reasonable rates that are further reduced per test and per technician!

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